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Gender Critical Resources Welcomes Reddit Gender Critical

This is your wiki

This wiki was set up by Gender Critical Dad ( in the hope it will be taken over by the Gender Critical Community. He is trying to a some people or an organisation to take it over.

Once you are registered (link at top right), you can add pages, edit pages or delete them.

You can all contribute, you can all edit, you can all moderate.

Please, this really is your wiki, put stuff up on it, go thru old posts on reddit and put anything good on it, good stuff from your blogs, or other peoples blogs welcome.

What's to Stop Vandalism?

You can.

If you see something wrong you can fix it.

You can see what's been changed by clicking the Recent Changes link on the top right. If it looks like vandalism you can edit it, or undo it by clicking the old revisions icon on the right hand side (looks like a clock) and going back to an old version.

If we get a lot of vandalism the admins will remove edit privileges from suspicious users. If we get a serious attack the admins can stop accepting new users and lock things down for recently registered users.

You could leave a comment if you were logged in.
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