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GCD has sent a link to this page to women of note in the GC community who he is able to contact. It has not been more widely distributed to avoid adverse publicity until a new ownership structure has been put in place.

This wiki page describes a a proposed ownership structure for Gender Critical Resources (the wiki).

Gender Critical Dad (GCD), who has set up and currently controls the wiki, inteneds to handover ownership and control.

He will handover control and ownership of the wiki to a woman or group of women a proven record of GC writing or working on GC issues. Once control is handed over GCD will be unable to take control back. He is willing to continue working on the administration of the wiki under the direction of the new owners and will be available and willing to provide technical support as needed.

What Is Gender Critical Resources

It is a wiki, a collaborative hypertext environment, with an emphasis on easy access to and modification of information. A collection of web pages, which not only can be read, but can also be edited by the users directly and simply.

What is it for

A place where gender critical resources can be saved, recorded and found. Where ideas can be developed and collaboration happen between Gender Critical people..

What it Needs

Woman Led Ownership

Gender Critical is an idea that came out of Radical Feminism and any resource for GC needs to address the concerns of radical feminist women. A resource set up and controlled by a man has no credibility in the radical feminist community

An ownership structure led by women of note in the GC community will have both credibility and the ability to publicise the existence of the wiki. Such a structure has to be independent of any man, including myself.

Outreach to reddit Mums net, Blogs etc

Once a good ownership structure is established, an outreach program can be started. This would involve announcing the new ownership on reddit and any bloggers willing.

References to resources from reddit, blogs and other places can be added to the wiki along with comments on the sources saying that they have been referenced and inviting feedback.

The Domain, The Hosting and the Wiki

the_domain_the_hosting_and_the_wiki_app The linked notes describe how the Domain, the hosting contract and the wiki interact.

Roles In Gender Critical Resources

Anyone who registers and logs in becomes a gcr_contributor. Registration requires an email and a password.

The following roles exist and will need to be filled, although one person or group of people may be able to fill more than one role. Each role has the ability to do anything subsequent roles can do and appoint people into those roles.

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