Gender Critical Resources

Resources for Resistance to the Doctrine of Gender Identity

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Welcome to Gender Critical Resources

Looking for the Parents Support Forum?

Its here:

Gender Critical Resources is a wiki to share Gender Critical ideas and resources. This may include the following.

  • People opposed to or questioning the Doctrine of Gender Identity and the transgender movement
  • People are concerned by people they love and care for, getting involved in the transgender movement, starting transition or having transitioned
  • People who have become involved in the transgender movement and are concerned by where this will lead them or the cult like nature of the transgender movement.

Vandalism Jan 2016

This wiki has come under attack from vandals. They have deleted pages on mass. If you wish to contribute to the wiki please email

2018/01/16 20:39 · admin

What is Gender Critical

A proper definition of the term gender_critical is needed. Its a phrase that comes from radical_feminism but has become synonymous with opposition to the trans gender movement and the doctrine of Gender Identity.

Origins of Gender Critical Resources

This wiki started off from a post on reddit

Once you are registered as a user you are free to add pages or edit existing pages. If you are gender critical this is your wiki, please contribute.

Exploring the wiki



Initial impressions can be added in discussion below.


epinyrae, 2016/05/31 03:04

Thanks for this. I'm not too au fait with wikis, but will try to contribute.

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