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finding reliable medical practitioners
(03-Apr-2018, 01:55 AM)chebj064 Wrote: I have a 17 years old daughter who is determined to start hormone treatment once she's in college, and will try to have surgery asap. She changed her name to a boy's name when she was 14 years old, and I didn't realize how serious the problem was back then. Now I'm so worried, and I'm looking for a therapist in Washington DC area (including Maryland and Virgina),  who can help me convince her to wait until later in her life to make such decisions.

I, too, need someone in DC. If anyone has a referral, could use one quick. Thx!

(31-Mar-2018, 02:16 PM)candycigs Wrote: There has been a lot posted about choosing the right therapist. Some recommendations have been:

-Older, 50+ is good ( someone who has a lot of experience is less likely to be caught up in the quick-to-confirm frenzy than a younger therapist who is more apt to buy in to this "modern" approach. An older therapist will also have experience with (or at least a working knowledge of) other social contagions in teen girls (ex. bulemia in the 80s-90s) so are more likely to recognize it for what it is.

-Do not choose a  "Gender Identity Therapist"-A lot of therapist are building their careers on this profitable niche market. There is no certification or licensing or qualifications required to declare yourself a specialist in this brand new field. They will likely be quick to confirm and insist that you do the same.

-When looking for a therapist, send out emails to many different therapists asking point blank if they recognize the sudden spike in adolescent girls suddenly identifying as boys, and how do they explain the phenomenon. Ask if they see it as a possible social contagion. You will learn who you are dealing with by how they answer this question, I believe. You want a therapist who believes that girls start presenting as trans because they are anxious and/or depressed, not the other way around as trans-activists would have you believe.

We have just started with a 60+, male, old-school psychotherapist in Kansas City, Mo. My daughter adores him and its only been one meeting. They spent the first session exploring her subconscious through analyzing her dreams. Afterwards, she said "I want to see him every day!". It was a totally different approach than any of the other therapists shes had (she also suffers from anxiety, and was depressed for about a year--severly limiting her iphone time helped with that tremendously).

I will ask him if he knows anyone in Denver. Hes been around forever so he just might.

Hi ... would you be open to sharing the name and number of the therapist in Kansas City?

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