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finding reliable medical practitioners
(11-Jul-2021, 03:55 AM)Lion Wrote: crayon3w,
RI is almost impossible. Do not go to Hasbro Children's by all means, and if you can stay out of Boston's Children do.  They were one of the first to adopt the dutch protocol.  I think your son is better off staying out of therapy than getting into it with someone bad.  I know there is a somatic therapy institute there which may be able to help him reconnect with his body.  Look them up and call and ask, ask, ask about their stance on GD.  There is also the Internal Family Systems meths to try as per Sasha Ayad, there are a few in Mass and RI:

I a completely new at this.  I'm very interested in the IFS you mention.  I also really like everything Sasha Ayad has to say - so logical and reasonable!  I haven't come across her talking about IFS.  She produces content prolifically, and I don't even know where to look...  A google search is not producing much.  Can you point me to a specific podcast/blog/youtube video in which she addresses this please?  Thank you so much.
You are right, Sasha is prolific and I don't remember if she spoke about it specifically- she has this video listed on her Welcome Page for resources, as well as the link I posted before:
(30-Jul-2021, 02:09 AM)JennyH1963 Wrote: Hi! I am in the Chicago area looking for a therapist for my 16 year old daughter who is struggling with ROGD. We had an appointment at the Lurie gender questioning clinic which I canceled after finding these resources! Thanks! Does anyone have any recommendations as to a therapist; she prefers a female because she’s “intimidated” by men (her words.)
Hi Im in the Milwaukee area. With a nearly 13 year old daughter. I wish I had a recommendation for you. If you find someone, please share. Id be happy to make the trip to Chicagoland for good help for my daughter. We have been fortunate though. Her pediatrician has been supportive, not affirming, and will not refer to endocrinologist. She does not agree this is transgenderism. She also knows a referral to endocrinology and gender clinic is a sure diagnosis an immediate start of puberty blockers. I am happy to have an ally in our pediatrician. Our daughters therapist has been less uh. On the same page. More affirming. Less challenging of the identity. Shes not pushing us to get her on puberty blockers or anything. But is using male pronouns and her male name. 
also terribly frustrated by our school district trying to force us to register her as male. NoT GoInG To HaPpEn! Currently trying to get my daughter to compromise with neutral pronouns at school ey/em. Since she is now identifying as a gay boy “twink” as she realizes she likes to dress like a girl and wear make and is more sexually attracted to boys.     So at least she has stopped trying to look male. Like shes trying to wear a shoe that doesnt fit. But she is breast binding. Well. Now im off on a tangent. 
any way. Good look on the therapist hunt!  It is hard to find. And if you do find someone, it seems their caseload is full and arent taking new clients.
Looking for therapist in Michigan or California- Thank you all

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