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finding reliable medical practitioners
(18-Aug-2020, 04:04 PM)thriveinlife.parent Wrote: Our hearts go out to every parent facing this truly unprecedented challenge. Both of us highly educated professionals naturally turn to the "Experts", dive into our own research, reading every book we can get our hands on, visiting every website we can muster, reaching out to therapists for feedback...and the more we dig into this world, the more confused we become. Every bit of new information lends to contradict old information just learned. Every turn of a page or click of the mouse results in the nullification of previous pages. My wife often hears me exclaim "this is the worst movie script ever written", and thankfully she still finds some of my lighthearted humor use full - especially during these trying times. 

When did the world turn in on itself? When did political ideologies nullify facts and data? When did intelligent inquiry into the unknowns become toxic and off-limits? Unless we've all been transported back in time a thousand years when the church pulled this same routine - something has occurred....AND UNDER OUR WATCH!

My wife and I are simply seeking information to help our child. We don't care about politics. We don't care about groups placating to their ancient tribal tendencies. We don't care about the newest prevailing winds of the moment which spout about "affirmative care". 

WE CARE ABOUT our child...and all of your children. We CARE ABOUT finding the best help for them as we possibly can and helping them THRIVE in this life. What is so toxic about that? So then why is it so hard to find doctors/therapist who refuse to buy-in and succumb to the pressures of the mainstream hypocrisy of "affirmative care"? 

To all those who have gone before us and have waded through these troubled waters, would anyone be able to recommend, or point towards, any websites or organizations who can help my wife and I locate qualified therapists/doctors for our child?

Any suggestions, assistance, advice or counsel is truly welcomed.

Thanks for your post. I wholeheartedly agree.

I encourage you to re-post your request for help finding a practitioner in our members-only area, as this public area where you have posted here does not get much traffic from our members.

Your account has been activated. Welcome to the forum.

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