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finding reliable medical practitioners
(13-Aug-2018, 11:49 AM)osojrb Wrote: Dear all,
I am another distressed dad with a 14 years old adolescent with ROGD. Same as many, it was student, came with anxiety and depression, and we are terrified of starting chemical and hormonal treatments.
Does anyone know of a GD critical therapist in Florida in the West Palm Beach area?


I am in the South Florida area and looking for a therapist for my 14 year old Daughter as well. Have you had an luck with finding anyone?
I'm starting to feel like all 14 and 15 year old females should be sent off to do humanitarian work in a third-world country for a couple years, without internet access.

Toxic, toxic age.
I found a good one in SW fLorida but maybe too far for you. PM me if you want

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