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finding reliable medical practitioners
(10-Sep-2018, 06:14 AM)Lookingglass Wrote:
(07-Sep-2018, 10:44 PM)Marge Bouvier Simpson Wrote: Hi Lookingglass.

Have you ever seen this website?

This little boy has always loved stereotypically girly things, and he still does, but knows he is a boy. His parents have made an entire website about him, but the page I linked above says this, written by the boy, CJ, when he was 10 years old:

"Back when I was four and five years old, I used to tell my parents that I wanted to be a girl. I never said I was a girl. I just said I wanted to be a girl. Because then I could like all of the stuff and hobbies and clothes that I liked and nobody would care or give me a hard time about it."

"I used to draw myself as a girl. This summer, I went through my drawings from kindergarten and in all of them I had long ponytails and dresses on. It surprised me when I saw that. When I saw those drawings, it made me realize how fast people can forget things they did. I’m going into fifth grade now and that was just back in kindergarten."

"I guess I do remember wanting to be a girl if I think about it really hard, but I don’t want to be a girl anymore. I want to be me. Just me. I’m a gender creative boy. I’m a boy who likes girl stuff. I don’t even like calling it girl stuff and boy stuff. There shouldn’t be girl stuff and boy stuff; it’s all just stuff. "

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edit: I almost forgot: Welcome!

Thank you! (I appreciate the link. From what I can see, the parents' approach strikes me as firmly in the "gender affirming" camp. But their experience is certainly worth reading and thinking about.)
My main reaction to the "raising my rainbow gender creative child" website is how awful that the kid has to have all his thoughts and developmental stages blasted all over the internet.  Give the poor kid some privacy. It looks like the parents are just seeking adulation.

It would be interesting to have parents of teenagers who have fallen into this delusional thinking discuss what they would be telling a young child given the current cultural climate and knowing what they know now.  Perhaps we should start a thread on that topic.

I think I would definitely want a child to know that biological sex is real and cannot be changed.  When people talk about changing sex, they are really talking about changing how they look (secondary sex characteristics).  They can't change their reproductive roles (sperm or egg producer).  Of course what you would say or how you would say it would depend on the age of the child.  I think there is a lot of confusion about this very basic information right now.

I see my next door neighbor's 7 or 8-year-old daughter being gender nonconforming which is dandy, but I hope it stops there.  The parents strike me as folks who would be very gender affirming because they only know the surface of transgender ideology.  Sometimes I feel an urge to warn them, but I won't bring it up unless they do.  They can see what has happened with my D, and they have never broached the subject.

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