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finding reliable medical practitioners
(13-Aug-2018, 11:49 AM)osojrb Wrote: Dear all,
I am another distressed dad with a 14 years old adolescent with ROGD. Same as many, it was student, came with anxiety and depression, and we are terrified of starting chemical and hormonal treatments.
Does anyone know of a GD critical therapist in Florida in the West Palm Beach area?


I am in the South Florida area and looking for a therapist for my 14 year old Daughter as well. Have you had an luck with finding anyone?
I'm starting to feel like all 14 and 15 year old females should be sent off to do humanitarian work in a third-world country for a couple years, without internet access.

Toxic, toxic age.
I found a good one in SW fLorida but maybe too far for you. PM me if you want

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Does anyone have a recommendation in/around Philadelphia? (newly announced ROGD daughter age 12). Thank you.
Hello, guest.

I don't live in your area, but I do know that Jungian therapist Lisa Marchiano practices in Philadelphia. As I understand it, Lisa Marchiano works only with adults, but she may be able to recommend a like-minded colleague who works with children. She is very much an advocate for the cautious approach. She has written about the problems with immediate affirmation of children.

Her website with contact info is here:

She also has a blog where she writes about a variety of topics, but you may be interested in these posts in particular:

Lisa Marchiano also writes for Quillette on occasion:
(26-Aug-2018, 06:28 PM)NotAnOstrich Wrote: [quote pid='17909' dateline='1535293462']

I have a 17 year old who insists that she’s a man. She intends to treansition at 18! With the help of Planned Parenthood. We’ve been ghosted by our therapist & need a good unbiased one in the Metro N.Y.J area. We were traveling round trip three hours for the last one so location isn’t an issue. Thx! I’m running out of time—-18 in April!!!!!

I’m in Seattle. To find a therapist I looked online for people who dealt with teens, body issues, women/feminist issues, eating disorders and did not say anything about LGBT stuff anywhere on their site. I then sent an email with a short summary of my daughter’s issues and a paragraph or two about what we were looking for in a therapist. I specifically said we did not want her automatically affirmed and we wanted to focus on underlying issues and helping her to feel more confidence in her own skin.

I came up with around 20 potential names, half took my insurance so I emailed them. Out of 10 emails I got 2 people I thought could help us, and just had our first session with one of them a few days ago. As it turns out, both have a religious background. We are not religious, but I’m willing to give them a try knowing the alternative.

I spoke with Sasha Ayad (inspired teen and she recommended asking more open ended questions. But, I am scared crapless of cold calling a bunch of Seattle therapists and hearing over and over again about how I need to affirm. For me, it was just easier to send an email out and be straightforward in what i was looking for. I didn’t get any rude emails back, a few just ignored me, some said politely they weren’t the best match and then gave me another therapists name. 

Hope this helps!

I too am in the Seattle Area.  My 14 YO daughter and her friends are all experiencing ROGD.  Please let me know if you have any success with a therapist in our area. If so, I would love to get their info.
(10-Dec-2018, 10:30 PM)trinaha Wrote: I too am in the Seattle Area.  My 14 YO daughter and her friends are all experiencing ROGD.  Please let me know if you have any success with a therapist in our area. If so, I would love to get their info.

Hi Trinaha, welcome. Sorry your post seems to have gotten lost here in this part of the forum. You may have better luck getting responses if you post in the members-only area. 

I do not live in your area and so can't recommend a therapist, but I am very interested in hearing about your daughter and her friends. You say your d and her friends are "all" experiencing ROGD? 

I am very interested in hearing how many friends you are talking about. There is such an aspect of social contagion to this. For example, in one school in the UK, 17 kids identified as trans. In another, I think is was something like 44 nonbinary kids. So yes, I am interested in hearing how many you are talking about. Some people deny there is trans social contagion but I think it is very obvious.
I am looking for a therapist in the Denver area for my 17 yr old son. Please share the contact info & ur experience with me?

We are looking for a gender critical therapist in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Anyone have any referrals?

15 year daughter ROGD, current therapists did not want to help, now daughter is 16 years old and we are back looking for new therapist. I feel like we lost a year of finding the root cause of any underlying issues.

Concerned Mom

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