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finding reliable medical practitioners
Hi Willfred, and welcome.

I'm not in your area, so unfortunately I don't have any information on the therapists you name. I will say it is typically very difficult to find therapists who don't recommend (almost immediately) affirming the patient as their opposite-sex identity. To my knowledge there are only a few therapists in the country (at least who board members are aware of) who do not recommend affirmation and transition as the approach to take. Some are willing to Skype, so do not immediately rule out those who are not in your area,

I would definitely stay away from any therapists who specifically call themselves "gender" therapists, as these are just about guaranteed to get the transition ball rolling. You may have luck looking for a therapist who specializes in body image disorders or eating disorders. With your daughter's medical and psychological history, perhaps you could convince a psychiatrist or therapist to treat her for those problems long and hard before suggesting any sort of medical transition treatments.

Please, please, please, please, please.

I have only the most foul things to say about him, so I won't comment further here.
It helped me to look at Psychology Today. Indian therapist tend to have a very common natural sense with therapy.  Good luck. It took us five months to find a neutral therapist interested in finding the real issues.
I do worry about Dr. Shervin Shadianloo, as he co-authored a textbook chapter with Dr. Jack Turban. They even included the ridiculous anti-science "genderbread person" in this chapter.

Turban also wrote an article saying that is "insane not to" give kids puberty blockers.

It seems like Turban also recently said something controversial about autism and transgender kids, but maybe I'm thinking of someone else, because I can't seem to find it.
There is a website that allows you to find the Catholic therapists in your area.  I am pasting the link in below.  I would think therapists who are members of this organization would be unlikely to trans affirmative. You would still need to vett them.  I know one of the people listed for our area.  She is gender critical but also takes a pretty overtly religious approach to therapy which would probably not be for everybody.

The American College of Pediatricians is a socially conservative group, so their members would most likely be gender critical as well.  They say on their website you can contact them with your zip code, and they will refer you to a pediatrician in your area.  I know finding a pediatrician who won't affirm can be difficult as well.


If anyone has any luck with either of these resources, I would be interested in hearing about it.
One more website that may be helpful: you can search for Catholic physicians at the Catholic Medical Association website.  Here is the link:
I just signed up so apologies if this is not the right thread.
Short background: 13 daughter, came out as 'agender' 1 1/2 yr ago, now identifies as ftm, wants to use a new name. I've read a few of the stories, and they are almost all verbatim. She is also showing signs of anxiety.
She's seeing a therapist, who we vetted, and who we talked to beforehand.. she likes therapist, all good and dandy.
So the thing is, in my state, they have confidentiality after kid is 13, so we get no updates on how she's doing. What do I do? How do I know it's helping, etc?
Things are escalating, she wants to 'come out' to extended family, etc. Help.
Confidentiality at 13? I have never heard of this. Wow.

I think the therapist still should be able to (and has an obligation to) let you know how your daughter is doing. Can your daughter sign off a HIPAA form (or whatever) allowing you to discuss her case with the therapist? Or maybe if you have an appointment with all three of you together with the therapist, your daughter would willingly discussing her issues in front of you.

Can you make a separate appointment or phone the therapist to discuss the confidentiality situation? As her parents, I think you have a right to know how your daughter is doing and I think this could be done without the therapist completely spilling all the beans and breaching confidence. Your daughter is a minor child and you are her parents. It is your job to care for her and keep her safe, and I can't understand how you are supposed to do this if you don't know what is going on? I am no lawyer but wow, that sounds strange.
(31-Mar-2018, 05:45 PM)candycigs Wrote: My daughters therapist just got back with me with a referral. I will PM you.

Hi Candycigs,

Would you share the therapist in the Denver area?  I need to find one for my 18 year old son.

(31-Mar-2018, 05:45 PM)candycigs Wrote: My daughters therapist just got back with me with a referral. I will PM you.

Hi Candycigs,
I'm looking for a therapist in the Denver area for my 18 yr old son.  Could you share your therapist with me?
Denver Dad.

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