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Lily Maynard Says So Much of What We Want To Say
I have a mid twenties child who just last year blindsided me with the information that he's now trans. He has a history of OCD and has never been comfortable in his body (weight issues due to endocrine issues). Whole life since toddlerhood was a strong interest in girls/women, hence out of left field. Lots of politics mixed in with his decision and said point blank the internet helped him with this decision. He's finally out of college and has a good job, and I see this as more self-sabotage. Makes me sad. I am being ostracized by my nuclear family for asking hard questions. I probably will leave and go elsewhere - it's not worth the abuse I'm receiving for not conforming. I'm not rejecting them, they are rejecting me. Painful for sure. I hate the polarization now and believe there is a lot of political influence involved.

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