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Lily Maynard Says So Much of What We Want To Say
(17-Mar-2019, 07:46 PM)Just Another Mom Wrote: Yes, that was a shocker when Wordpress removed her site. 
Orwellian times.

I see by mentions on Twitter that her blog is coming back.

Which platform will she use?

Do they all employ censors?
(09-Nov-2017, 11:02 PM)GCDad Wrote: Wonderful Article here thats just about says it all for me.

Updating the link!
Thank you for the updated link, Posy! It seems Lily Maynard very wisely left wordpress, which sensors parents (and others) who believe transition for kids and young people should be a last resort rather than normalizing it as the go-to first response.
You're talking about the wordpress (dot) com platform, Marge? Or the open-source side of wordpress?
I'm not sure, Wardlaw. I'm afraid I didn't realize there were two different flavors of WordPress. I don't know much about blogging or WordPress, only that WordPress blogs by 4thavenow, GenderTrender, Lily Maynard and Gender Identity Watch were either completely removed from the web or secretly edited by WordPress without notifying the authors.

If I understand/remember correctly, it all started with the Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv mess. WordPress chose to side with liar and vexatious litigant Yaniv over women bloggers speaking out about women losing their sex-based rights and children being medically transitioned.
Does anyone have a copy of this article? It sounds so good ,but the wordpress site is no longer available. Thank you!
You're right, I believe WordPress deleted her account and all her work without warning due to her "transphobia." I believe it was because she misgendered several males, calling them "he." I forget now exactly what it was but it seems like it was tied to the whole Jonathan Yaniv debacle.

Anyway, she has her own site now:

Oops. Here's the specific article:
GCDad Wrote:Wonderful Article here thats just about says it all for me.
unfortunately this letter was removed for "violating terms of service" I can only imaging what that means
(06-Mar-2021, 08:08 AM)Miriamelle Wrote:
GCDad Wrote:Wonderful Article here thats just about says it all for me.
unfortunately this letter was removed for "violating terms of service" I can only imaging what that means

Thanks for pointing this out, Miriamelle. Here is the updated link:

I have corrected the link in GCDad's original post, also.

It seems Lily Maynard's bog was removed from Wordpress a couple of years ago for "misgendering." I certainly could be remembering incorrectly, but I believe she got caught up in the Jonathan Yaniv complaints. If anyone is in the dark about the infamous Yaniv, he is a male pedophile who claims a female identity so that he can use women's restrooms and locker rooms to access young tween/teen girls, who seem to be his age of preference. When bloggers like Lily Maynard, 4thWaveNow and Gallus Mag at GenderTrending wrote about him, he complained to WordPress and the response from WordPress was to either secretly edit their blogs, changing "him" to "her," or in Lily Maynard's case, remove her entire blog from the web. WordPress sided with pedophile Yaniv rather than with the women who were writing to warn the public of his pedophilic tendencies and point out how gender identity creates safety issues for women and girls.

Anyway, I've fixed the link (Lily Maynard has her own site now). It is a wonderful essay if anyone would like to read it.
(19-Jun-2018, 08:45 PM)Perplexedbydysphoria Wrote: Haven't read the thread link yet, but was wondering how to post a new one and introduce myself?  The help link said I should see a tab that says new thread, but can't find it. Oh well.  I'm looking for help for my son in the northern va area.  He's refusing to see a psychiatrist who uses cbt, and we need to find another since he's taking zoloft.
Hello.  I am new here, just came on this site and and searching for what I don't know.  Just thought I'd touch base with you.   We are in Northern VA as well.  My son is about to graduate high school this Sat.  I'm bracing myself to see if they use his name or the one he's chosen.

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