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(13-Sep-2020, 10:13 PM)Dadof2 Wrote: Hi Libby, I too am the parent of an adult and distressed by what he had chosen.

I'm the father of a 23-year old son who has been getting estrogen in the process of transitioning.  I am new to this site, and am so thankful to have found it.  My wife and I fortunately have the same view of what he is doing to himself -- concern about the harms he is doing to his body, and about the neglect of the real identity issues that he needs to be exploring, and convinced that the ideology that allows such treatments is dangerous and untrue.  Thank God we can talk to each other. 

But it seems there is no one else we can speak with, that the medical profession and psychological counselors have all subscribed to and celebrate that ideology.  I would talk to my son about it if I could.  But although he lives with us he minimally interacts with us, can be quite curt, and on this subject will speak not at all.  I have prayed he will come to see the truth about what he is doing and tried to share articles that will help him to do that.  Other than that it seems all we can do is of all things the most important, which is to love him.  But is it the only thing?

He works, but is on my health insurance and so in a sense it is my work that goes to support this destructive process that I utterly oppose.  I want to do something! Is there a way to keep the doctors from continuing to do this to him, keep the insurance from paying them?  Has anyone, for example, heard of legal actions to do this? I know he is in the eyes of the law an adult who makes his own medical decisions, but he has not fully developed an adult mind.  Nor do I think he has been honestly counseled.  Is there anything that I can do?  I feel as though I am watching, and even enabling, a great crime, crime against him, that I would do anything to stop.

Hello, Dadof2. Welcome to the forum.

Your account has been activated and you may now access the members-only portion of the forum. I encourage you to post your questions there, as this portion of the forum doesn't get much traffic from our members.

I'm sorry to hear about your son. You are not alone.

I hope you'll find the forum helpful.

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