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Thanks, Jdmum, for welcoming LostNotCalm.

LostNotCalm, your account has been activated. As Jdmum did, I also encourage you to post your story in the members-only area, as most members don't visit this part of the site too often. I'm sorry to hear about all you and your daughter are dealing with. Jdmum is right, there are loads of us with similar stories. You are not alone.

I hope you'll find the site helpful.
(28-Nov-2017, 01:08 AM)southofgravity Wrote: Feel guilty for hoping this board was updating like a ticker tape.  Thousands and thousands of threads - too many to count - but still happy to read I'm not alone.

Admittedly, after I didn't sleep for a month prying - taking over transportation duties to remove influences - installing keyboard capture software - searching texts every night at 3am - I just went into a funk - a bit of a depression.  Found online the "dismal tide" was high, and there weren't any obvious voices.  Was I wrong?

Sure, it sounds crazy that 90% of the voices are screaming at those of us defining gender as evil.  Telling us we are outdated, yet telling our kids if they don't conform to the very gender norms we are hated for observing, then most likely their "identity is broken" - so they need to hate themselves and their body and mutilate it and take chemicals ASAP.  Why doesn't that sound like insanity anymore??

Seriously, why has HATE become disguised as "acceptance" - and how can we stop it?  How did a 19 year old introvert get convinced overnight that "accepting" herself for what she is - has only one alternative "death" - which apparently is the equivalent of a parent's ignorance and lack of understanding.  Yet, when I explain to her in clear, concise terms I love her "exactly" the way she is and she should celebrate her differences - I'm suddenly categorized - as she has been TAUGHT by this movement all of what is the equivalent of the "apologist tricks" of the un-accepting parent.  There is not a single 'logical', 'factual' argument that can be made...and yes...I found the videos on YouTube she 'started' with...and they are equally confused teens...'teaching' others [not out of hate, but simply out of a need for comradery] exactly what to say...what every parental response means...and very subtle in their revelation that "suicide" is a powerful tool. day I spoke aloud about it to a single friend.  It wasn't easy.  His eyes got moist and he got antsy.  I thought he'd confided in my all his son's issues, but suddenly he felt relieved to tell me about a "3 months of shear Hell" where his introverted, socially awkward son - found the SAME influence very suddenly and quickly and it moved fast - but they got him here and there and moved quickly.  My friend calls the stress of it like "sitting with your back to something horrible, hoping it will disappear back into the darkness and not kill you" and I completely understand.   I also learned during that conversation it's a "dismal tide", parents afraid, scared to get kids in the 'wrong' counseling situation, in the wrong group, so afraid of tripping into the wrong influence...THARN.

   What is happening.  It's a question and a statement.
What is happening and when will it end?  I suspect when detransitioners begin to hire lawyers to sue the therapists that encouraged them  is when we will see a 360 turnabout.  The therapists that saw the kids as dollar signs will then change their minds.  Sounds terrible but I think that it just might happen

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