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Thank you all so much for providing a way to connect! My daughter at 14 said she was "gender fluid". We did the watchful waiting approach. She seemed to be just fine after a little while. Even told me "remember when I said I was gender fluid? Well, I'm not anymore". I was relieved. Then at 20 and a couple of months she broke down again, quit her newish job (said it became too stressful and she was having pain and such--which turned out to be psychosomatic), chopped her hair (I don't care if she has short hair) dyed it blue (I don't care if she has blue hair), got a bunch of facial piercings (meh, not my thing and certainly doesn't help her in life, but ultimately, I don't care).  In an emotional moment she cried "I think I'm transgender!"

I'm stunned.

So much more I could say. So many regrets about how we did things or didn't do things. I've read so very much I am convinced she is just a part of the transgender trend among young girls. Specifically, she tends to fixate on gay boys, as they are her primary subject in her sketch book and other art (Tumbler can go f**k itself!)

More than anything, I am looking for a therapist/psychologist in Utah who is NOT affirming. Her current therapist is. I give him credit for helping her find some self acceptance and feeling like she now wants to live. But I also think it will be short lived and it's only a matter of time before that fades and she looks for the next stage to make herself "happy" (hormones and top surgery which we have told her we will NOT pay for under any circumstance) I think she needs to spend a lot of time unpacking her experiences and thoughts about herself.

Again, looking for a NON affirming therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist in Utah--Utah Valley would be ideal.
Hi, mother of a 14yo girl who started identifying as trans shortly after 12th birthday. The last couple of years have been torture. Looking forward to talking more in the member's area.

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