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Trans widow here. My ex transitioned and convinced our 10 year old autistic son that sex changes are possible. But they aren't! This is a nightmare. Now he thinks he is a girl and talks about surgery (!). I'm furious and so are my parents.
Hi concernedmom1, and welcome. Your message board membership has been activated and a member has written a response to you in our members-only area, which you should be able to access now.
I am a father of four kids, one of which has a limited lifespan and is severely disabled. I don't have a lot of emotional space to deal with other issues, but my 13 year old daughter just came "out" as a boy. Now she wants to go instantly on hormones. The sudden change in pace to get something done right away is scary and is raising red flags for me.
Hello father123, and welcome. IMHO you are right to see the rush to transition as a red flag.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Your account has been activated and you should now be able to access the members-only portion of the forum.
Please can we start a charitable organisation to support exhausted parents, we need help
Let's start a go fund me!
Mom, D-13, things are getting worse
New here. Mother of two beautiful daughters. 15 and 16. The oldest is bisexual. And the youngest just informed me she is a boy. She wants me to buy binders for her Boobs and she wants me to call her a new name and she wants me to refer to her as him. I am trying so hard to Ben supportive but isn’t too young for that hem to know? She has done lots of reading on the subject but I feel that sometimes  social media plays into her fears. I am afraid of saying  Wrong thing .
Hi Pitagal73, your account has been approved and you should now have access to our members-only forums. Welcome. IMHO you are right to be concerned and asking questions, and I believe you are also correct about social media driving the trans train many of our kids have hopped onto.

Please visit into our members-only forums, where you'll find much more information and advice on this topic, and may feel able to discuss your situation a bit more freely.
(07-Jul-2018, 09:18 PM)radicalmom Wrote: Let's start a go fund me!

Just signed up, hope to be approved. My 13 year old daughter has decided she is transgender, a label I do not have an issue with, but she NEVER even remotely showed any signs and she gets angry with me when I tell her I don't see it, though I love and support her entirely. It seems to me that she is struggling with her body image more than anything else. I love and support her unconditionally and wherever she ends up in life, I want her to be healthy and happy. I just want to be sure and this doesn't equate. Hope to be approved soon so I can interact with other parents just trying to give our children the correct guidance they need in these crazy times. Thanks!

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