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This is a new topic but I can’t find how to post a new topic. Does anyone have an idea for a summer program for a 14 year old ROGD girl that keeps her away from social media and can help her grow emotionally and gain self confidence? It’s so hard to find a positive environment for her to dig deep within herself and get away from all the social pressures. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
Hi guest,

Have you already registered and has your registration been activated? If so, sign in under your user name and you can start a new thread in the members' forum.

If you haven't registered, look up at the top of the screen, click on "register," and follow the prompts. Remember to choose an anonymous screen name, and if you like, use an anonymous email, although your email will never be visible on the forums.

As for your question, I would look into having your daughter volunteer for an animal shelter or as a candy striper in a hospital, or for a summer enrichment program for underprivileged kids. You could also send her on a youth mission trip to a Third World country to help build homes or dig water wells. A long stay in a wilderness adventure program might be good. Many traditional sleep-away summer camps don't allow phones or computers these days.

If you'll log in and enter the forum, I'm sure other members will have more ideas or perhaps know of something specific.

Best wishes.
Mom; D-19
I’m the mother of a 12 year old girl with ROGD. She loves anime, Tumblr, and is gay. We had no sizes with her being gay, but this sudden hatred of her body and herself and declaring she is a boy and expecting us to affirm that feels crazy to me. I feel utterly alone.
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I’m the mother of a 12 year old girl with ROGD. She loves anime, Tumblr, and is gay. We had no sizes with her being gay, but this sudden hatred of her body and herself and declaring she is a boy and expecting us to affirm that feels crazy to me. I feel utterly alone.

Welcome, guest. I hope you've registered and can now enter the site and access the main portion of this forum for parents. Sorry for the late response; as you can see the public portion of the forum has been getting spammed in a big way. The spam was deleted, but still it hid your post. Apologies, and again, welcome.
Mom; D-19
(02-Feb-2018, 08:36 PM)MomIam Wrote: Hello.  I am a mom of a 22 son who just recently said he is a girl.  He has now dropped out of college, does not work, has sold most of his stuff including his car, video game paraphernalia and is so very angry at us.  He has also stopped communicating with us.  He has gotten his own low income insurance and may begin taking HRT but I am not sure.  I am looking for understanding and support.  I feel so lost.

I too am the mom of a 23 yr old son that is now "presenting"  (I have come to hate that word) as a female.  I am appalled.  I am torn between anger and sadness.  He is too old to have me "control" his internet use or what he does.  I have told him that this is not a journey his father and I will be able to take with him.  I wont pay for anything.  It is hard for me to provide any emotional support since I simply do not believe it is possible for him to be a girl.  He will always be a boy trying to look female.  Most of the parents here feel so lost.  And most of us didnt see it coming.  There are no more going to the family for holidays, going out to dinner or family vacations.  We are all learning a new way of life.  His brothers say they are supportive, but have basically run for the hills.  One is newly married and has immersed himself in his wifes family, the other is moving to another state. I have basically lost all 3 of my kids over this.   I am terrified, as it is becoming easier for me to turn away as he is not looking, sounding or acting like my son.  I feel like he has been taken away by this terrible stranger that I am beginning to really not like.   Hang in there.  We all understand!
New here.  14 yr old thinks she may be a boy, or at least gender-fluid.  Just this past Halloween she sewed a dress for herself & her friend so they could be the moon & sun.  Was excited to get her first bra and couldn't believe how mean I was to not let her get a bikini last summer.  Now wants to wear suits some days and skirts others, depending on how she feels.  Still enjoys ballet and dance.  Recently told me about unwanted attention from boys in her class, and some nasty comments some girls made about other girls in her class, although she says they are not related to how she is feeling.  We have agreed to work on developing as a person (neither male or female) for right now (arts, hobbies, etc), then in two years revisit with a therapist.  No permanent changes right now (no name change); short hair OK (she picked some really cute bobs from Pinterest).  Hasn't really thought about kissing at all.  We have both agreed to pray for God's Will in her life and to accept God's Will (I suspect we have different views on what God's Will is going to be) for her life, because doing what God wants is the only way to real peace and happiness.
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