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(27-Mar-2021, 04:31 PM)distraughtmum Wrote: I am both sad and grateful to have found this forum. I have not slept for 3 days. About a year ago my daughter got a girlfriend. She then said she was non binary and pan sexual. At the time we were very open band supportive. We told her it was totally normal to explore who you are and not have to settle on a definition. 3 days ago I happened to notice in her TikTok bio that she has switched to using he/him. A deep dive intowho she was following and it was alll trans accounts. I asked her about it and now she is saying she doesn't feel right in her body anymore. I told her that's what adolescence is and everyone feels like that. All her friends use different pronouns now too! She is so intelligent but very introverted. She has never shown any indication that would make us think any different while she said she has always felt different. We are in the process of having her diagnosed as being on the spectrum. I am so unbelievably terrified. I feel like my daughter has been completely indoctrinated and I'm a terrible person for not going along with the cult. I just don't know what to do. I'm so scared. I don't want to make it worse but every instinct in my body is telling me this is so wrong.
Sending you virtual Hugs. All I can say is we need to stick together. We need each other's support. Follow your instincts!! This is not just a phase. Do all you can before it is too late. Depending on her age a few options: Shut her phone off or lock it down so she can only be in contact with family. Remove all internet access. Homeschool, seriously. Don't let her out of your sight, spend more time together...
Every time I read one of these stories (seems like a new one daily) along with the ones begging for reliable therapists, it reminds me of that scene in The Wall (Pink Floyd for any newbies) where the children are propelled down the conveyor belt into the meat grinder. It makes me so angry and just feels entirely like an alternate reality. I like the Army of Moms idea, gotta say.

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