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America's First Nonbinary Person
(06-Apr-2022, 01:04 PM)GCMomUSA Wrote: Jamie Shupe has gone back to being trans.

I really feel for this guy... what a mixed up, upsetting life.
Wow, how sad! Now going by Lisa and had a life threating blood clot from estrogen. Sad
That's very sad, it reminds me of Maritza/Mark Cummings and her husband who have both detransitioned and re-transitioned multiple times. It can be so difficult to get out of
(14-Nov-2023, 01:42 AM)Doppiosfrog Wrote:
(13-Mar-2019, 03:39 AM)plum Wrote: Great article.

Wow, this broke my heart. I am an autistic woman who was sterilized by a surgeon who I had barely spent 15 mins with in an appointment. Granted this was due to my reproductive health issues, but it turns out these "chop happy" doctors aren't doing what's best for women with my diseases either. Just handing out hysterectomies left and right to patients who do not know what they are getting themselves into. While my procedure was not for any gender affirming reasons, I did  "identify" as "non-binary" at the time, after years of fighting against accusations from "friends" and transgender activists that because I was androgynous and autistic, I was not a woman, but some other gender OR a transgender "man". I was even influenced to start dating women, even though I was not sexually attracted to women in any way. I look back at this time in my life and wonder just how close I had gotten to making the mistake of choosing to pursue "gender affirmation". I am devastated at the repercussions and health consequences of my hysterectomy, only to find out that it had no chance of curing my diseases anyways- it only complicated things further. Not a single doctor warned me. It frightens me to no end that I could have easily slipped into this horrific epidemic of young women being castrated and mangled beyond recognition by "gender affirming care".

Thanks for sharing your story, Doppiosfrog. I'm so sorry doctors rushed you, ignored your needs and neglected to do their jobs properly. 

It's interesting you've experienced how people can be pressured or manipulated to believe they are trans, while the common narrative is that gender identity is "innate" and can never be chosen. Although I suppose that may be true as far as a preference for androgyny, masculiity or femininity. 

I'm so glad you never made it as far as medical transition. I hope you are happy and strong today as an androgynous, autistic woman.

Thanks for your perspective; I believe many of our kids are in similar positions, as far as being gender nonconformig and/or autistic. It's heartbreaking they've been led to believe they were "born wrong" and need to transition. 

Thanks also for joining the board. Your account has been activated.

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