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America's First Nonbinary Person
I shared this article on a FB group for parents of adults and was completely bullied. I was so surprised at the response and figured out quickly that I was not in the right place. It seems like the trans stuff is not only eating our children's brains it is taking the parents with them.

(16-Sep-2019, 02:23 PM)AtMyWitsEnd Wrote: This is a great article, and damning for the transactivist community and everyone they have bullied into accepting this madness.

I'm sitting here like a landed fish - mouth opening and closing. How in the world did we get here? What has happened to sense? How did we get to the point that these people (transactivists) have so much power over everyone? (These are rhetorical questions, of course.)

Madness. Insanity.
I totally agree! I had the same response.

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