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About the Gender Critical Support Board
Literally word for word, fact for fact identical story to our daughter. She is now 20, extremely immature, but still steadfast in the beliefs...but has not taken any medical steps yet, thankfully. I feel for you...know that you are not alone!
Take care of yourself!
(02-Aug-2020, 09:06 PM)vegmonster Wrote: I am a nervous wreck! How do I save my girls from the worlds evil hiding behind politically correctnes stripping my beautiful girls of their self esteem, self worth, their rights as a woman and ultimately in the end their souls. They should be able to use the internet without falling prey and influenced to become something they are not. Why are there not any filters we can put in place to keep the predators at bay? Our children deserve so much more then the hand they are being dealt. Are there any support groups that I can join that discuss what to do about this epidemic? I need to be part of the change in order to feel I am advocating for the well being of my children!

Look into   My daughter has been spending a lot of time on the internet and just recently told us she was non-binary.  We realized we made a mistake letting her have to much freedom on the internet.  She's mad at us for taking all of the chat rooms away but, hopefully we can help her make good decisions in the long run without all of the internet telling her she has to have a label at her age.

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