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About the Gender Critical Support Board
(10-Mar-2019, 05:18 PM)MariaInCali Wrote:
(10-Mar-2019, 09:07 AM)ForeverYoung Wrote: Thank you GC for providing all us parents a safe place to share, find answers and support. Upon reading several post I am amazed that all our stories are very similar. My daughter decided last week that she too has gender dysphoria and is convinced that she needs hormone blockers and needs to transition before she turns 12 or she will kill herself. 2 weeks ago she stated: "I dont identify as anything other than a girl whos 11" and now she's convinced she was born in the wrong body and wants to be a boy. She is so convincing and my heart hurts seeing her in so much pain, I pray she looks inward and can find the strength to love her true self without transitioning. I support my girl and will go to hell and back for her however as a preteen I will not be the one who puts the ammo in the gun! Next month we have an appt. with Brandon ITO MD at UCLA Child Adolescent Psychiatry and you better believe I am going to vet him! I know nothing about him other than he supposed to be highly trained in this field. Any additional referrals (Los Angeles) or thoughts on Dr. Brandon Ito would be helpful .

I have some thoughts here, but since this is a public facing board, I'll wait until you post on the inside forums.

Mariain Cali is this thread now private/ member only? I believe I have been approved.

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