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About the Gender Critical Support Board
I’m in the same situation as most of you. My daughter is very smart, has never really fit in, always related to adults more than kids her age. Got into the My Little Pony crzy around 11yrs constantly in instragram with tons of followers and “friends” aka prople she didn’t know. Then hot into anime and manga. I found out that these stories have many characters who are non-conforming. Disturbing for someone age 12-13. The a friend announced she was trans. The next thing I know my daughter is trans and so are several of her friends. She is in a group of misfits. I don’t really know any of the parents. And don’t feel comfortable reaching out to any. She’s now 16 and really pushing the issue. At Highschool the teachers use male pronouns and her chosen name. (Ironic that her given name could be male or female but she had to change her name). 2 friends have desisted. But she won’t tell me anything about it and says i will use that against her. She’s been on anxiety meds and adhd meds for yrs. under a pyschotrist care and sees a physchologist weekly. But i swear they know nothing about ROGD. So frustrating! Many sleepless nights. She has also had suicidal thoughts. Went to out patient care for 2 months (after school). Praying for answers.

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