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GC Information Letter
Thank you so much for this. I have written to my daughters gender clinic and psychotherapist. I really hope that in the very near future things change for the better, even if it's too late for my girl!
(08-Aug-2018, 08:34 PM)GCDad Wrote: This letter presents what parents, scientists, and psychologists have to say about the sharp rise in transgender-identifying youth.

I'm posting this to maintain the writers
anonymity, I can't take credit for the work that has gone into it, but would like to express my thanks for their hard work and my delight that people are doing great stuff here, that I wasn't even aware of.

Please share this far and wide.

A Note About This Letter:

This letter may be a shock to people who have been assuming that gender dysphoric youth have extensive investigation and evaluation before they are affirmed in their transgender identification.

We as parents have experienced the lack of mental health evaluation, the immediate acceptance of the youth's self-diagnosis, and the effort to silence and ignore parents’ questions and concerns when the youth's claim does not match the child's life experience.

The research into what it means when a youth says they are transgender is in its infancy. There is no biological-based diagnosis or proven scientific theories and the clinical evidence evaluating different treatment paradigms is extremely lacking.

Yet, our children are immediately affirmed in their transgender belief by psychologists, schools are enacting policies to affirm a youth's claim of being transgender without question, schools are preventing the parents from being informed about their child's claim as well as "educating" elementary school children that their gender is a choice that can be medically altered if it doesn't match their "assigned birth sex."

It's time to bring ethical scientific debate and evidence-based care to our youth.  This letter is meant to aid in that cause in a non-discriminatory, diversity-embracing fashion.

Our target audience is very broad with the first wave directed to schools and subsequent waves directed to psychologists, media, politicians, and physicians.

Please consider supporting this letter campaign in any way that you can.

"IMPORTANT UPDATE - October 27, 2018

-- The letter has been downloaded over 730 times.  It was updated today which resets the download count to 0.

-- Please continue to disseminate!
-- As background, and in case anyone asks you about the letter or about specific points: 
Statements within the letter are 
(1) pulled from reliable sources as referenced within the document,
(2) supported by additional scientific findings that couldn't be included for length reasons, 
(3) they reflect our collective experiences as parents that have not been recorded in the literature because the ROGD phenomenon is so new.

I am newly registered, but I am not sure if I am doing things right. how can i access the letter you posted.
(09-Jan-2019, 07:27 AM)June Wrote:
(08-Aug-2018, 08:34 PM)GCDad Wrote: This letter presents what parents, scientists, and psychologists have to say about the sharp rise in transgender-identifying youth. (…)

I am newly registered, but I am not sure if I am doing things right. how can i access the letter you posted.

Hi June, and welcome to the forum.

If you go to the very first post in this thread (GCDad's original post), look at the bottom of that post and there is a link to download an attachment. The attachment is the letter in full. The link is light blue and that seems to make it easy to miss.

On another note, your membership account has been activated and you should now have access to the members-only area of the forum, if you would like to check it out.

Hope to see you inside.
I'm anxiously awaiting approval by the moderators. We too are desperate parents struggling with ROGD in a 15yo who prior to 9 months ago displayed NO signs of beings trans. We made the mistake of taking them to a gender therapist who said they were neutral. How do you argue that this idea might be displaced with your teen? Maybe argue isn't right, but discuss. Ours is adamant, though the story of when they felt "different" keeps changing. AND just because you feel "different" doesn't mean transgender is WHY. I'll dig around the site, but we're looking for help in the Portland, Oregon area and only coming up with affirming practitioners.
(29-Aug-2018, 02:05 AM)PumpkinMom Wrote: I made the very difficult decision to sign under my real name, and append this note. Praying that my faith isn't misplaced, and that others will find the courage to do the same:

Dear Dr. Marcus, Dr. Kahler and Mr. Brown:

Thank you for publishing Dr. Lisa Littman’s study of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Although my family was not a participant in Dr. Littman’s study, our story corroborates her research.

I am writing you under my real name, at personal risk, to demonstrate my trust that you’ll join me in standing up for the truth.

Please do not capitulate to the politically motivated and antiscientific hate mail you are getting about Dr. Littman’s study.
Thank you so much for sharing your letter. This is excellent, and I am so grateful for the smart phone incident that saved your child!
Thank you so much, GCDad, for this amazing letter. I live in a tiny town in an extremely conservative area, but my son is not the only kid from our school district affected by ROGD. So I will send this to the school counselors along with my son's doctors and therapist. This letter is the best thing I've seen on ROGD and I am thrilled and so grateful to all who participated in creating it.

S - 21

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