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Hi Worried Dad,

Your account has been activated. Welcome to the forum. Your daughter's situation sounds quite similar to the stories of so many of our kids. I invite you to post your story in the members-only area where it will be seen by more members are more likely to get a response. The notifications in this area don't always work properly and members may not see this post.
Hello, I'm glad I found this forum.
Hi, I've just joined, how do I get to the members only area? I'm not too keen on posting on public pages.
Welcome to both Treadingcarefully and RAVIC.

Your accounts have now been activated.
(22-May-2020, 01:08 PM)Marge Bouvier Simpson Wrote: Welcome to both Treadingcarefully and RAVIC.

Your accounts have now been activated.

Thank you
My 13 year old daughter told me yesterday that she wants to be a boy. That she feels like a boy. I have had my suspicions and knew the time had come to confront them.  We had a long talk and I told her that although I love her, will always be right by her side, and empathize with the confusion and torment she may be feeling over this, that I don’t BLAME HER for her feelings, but that we (she and I), will not agree to accept that lifestyle. I feel like my world is falling apart and just want my little girl back. I feel so alone and ashamed and I blame myself. I created her! I can’t stop crying. I did not share these feelings with her. Except that I blame myself. I am trying to put on a brave face in front of her until I figure out what to do. I realize that in my situation, immediate and consistent action is going to have to be taken. I am glad I found this board and hope that I can get some insight from it. I am at the beginning of what I believe is going to be a difficult road for me and my girl. And I just want my baby back.
Hi, Brookiema79, and welcome. Your account has been activated.

I'm sorry about what you and your daughter are dealing with. Please don't blame yourself. There is so much influence directed at kids these days, making them believe that becoming someone else is the answer to their feeling uncomfortable with the demands of growing up in today's world.

You'll find lots of advice in the members-only area, as well as parents who understand your fears and what you're dealing with.

Again, welcome.
Same: how do I access the members area. Would prefer no trolling. This is why I used no names, but would feel more secure in that platform
Hi Parker005,

your account has been activated. Welcome.
Hi. I am a detransitioning man, ex-mtf. I'm unsure if i am welcome here. But I am very curious about this discourse now that I am back on my way to accepting my natural, God given body, and accepting that being a feminine man is ok, and that acceptance feels better than any hormone medication ever did. I understand if Im not welcome here. I dont want to intrude. Mostly I just want to learn, and then eventually provide advice and guidance to those who need it. I feel like I've woken up from a coma...

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