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My ROGD Profile for Boys
Thanks for posting this!  This indeed sounds much like my 14-year-old son.  I would say he fits most of these criteria except maybe #16 and 20-24.  I do wonder why these characteristics might be seemingly common among natal males identifying as trans. 
One thing that comes to mind for me is the whole autogynephilia topic.  Having read Anne Lawrence's book on the matter, it does seem like many of these characteristics may also apply to autogynephliacs.  I do think it's a possibility that this could be common among many of these teen boys, though social factors are another possible culprit.  I know my son's school had coursework on "gender identity" at some point over the last couple of years and this seems relevant.  I would be curious to hear others' take on the likelihood of social factors vs. autogynephilia for boys.

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