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USA GC legal-lawyer hunt
I've got a ftm 17yo who has been showing mental health symptoms since 2016.  Dad is "affirming" that trans is the culprit and she needs to be supported.  The mental health doctors say she is desperately trying to fit into some mental health issue (bipolar, DID-Multiple Personality Disorder) but she is "over acting" to the point of harming herself in the process.  She keep saying she's a 23yo man.  This delusion in and of itself if a measure to stop and not "affirm" and transition her into medicalization as "trans". 

I need legal counsel to help me fight my husband and fight for conservatorship of my daughter. 

Any leads?
I'm in Southern California, USA.

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USA GC legal-lawyer hunt - by DolphinMomma - 26-Apr-2021, 11:18 PM
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