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Oh you could be me 3 years ago.   My son suddenly decided he was a girl.  Last year of college.  Looking back I should have seen problems, honestly I did not see anything like this.  He had been really nasty and selfish with his siblings, they almost had stopped talking to him.  He was practically living with his girlfriend at college.  I think I was in shock the first 8 months.  I wish I had not been, I should have gone there and had him have an incomplete for the year and brought him home.  Even in his early 20's he was immature enough that I would have had some control over him. I wish I had thrown his cell phone and our internet over the hill then.   Now it is too late.  He graduated, came home, and began taking estrogen later in that year.  Worked in retail for a bit.  He moved out, which I am thankful for.  It honestly hurts terribly to see him this way.  He was a good looking kid.  I have been helping him a bit but recently told him that I am not going to anymore, he made his path and I am not contributing to this one.  He would like to have a good relationship with me.  I just cant.  We have not gone out even to dinner as a family since this all started and do not expect it to change any.  No vacations etc.  I am barely holding it together and his father cannot stand to be in the same room with him and hear him talk in a high sissy voice.   It is not easy.  Everyone here understands and prays for all of our kids
Hi Worried Dad,

Your account has been activated. Welcome to the forum. Your daughter's situation sounds quite similar to the stories of so many of our kids. I invite you to post your story in the members-only area where it will be seen by more members are more likely to get a response. The notifications in this area don't always work properly and members may not see this post.
Hello, I'm glad I found this forum.
Hi, I've just joined, how do I get to the members only area? I'm not too keen on posting on public pages.
Welcome to both Treadingcarefully and RAVIC.

Your accounts have now been activated.
(22-May-2020, 01:08 PM)Marge Bouvier Simpson Wrote: Welcome to both Treadingcarefully and RAVIC.

Your accounts have now been activated.

Thank you

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