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America's First Nonbinary Person - plum - 13-Mar-2019

Great article.

RE: America's First Nonbinary Person - Guest - 01-May-2019

I read this article, it was good!

RE: America's First Nonbinary Person - MChaos - 16-Sep-2019

Great article

RE: America's First Nonbinary Person - ElizabethsMom - 16-Sep-2019

It is a really good article and offers a certain optimism that even people whose "transition" seems to be persistent may yet come to their own realization that it is false and wrong for them.. 

I have to also add it is a huge bummer that the piece appears in an ultra-right wing media outlet next to articles cheering Trump, absolving Brett Kavanaugh of sexual abuse and applauding a florist who refused service to a same-sex wedding. I deeply wish that the gender-critical perspective had a more separate existence from right-wing politics that I and many others in this community absolutely do not share.

RE: America's First Nonbinary Person - AtMyWitsEnd - 16-Sep-2019

This is a great article, and damning for the transactivist community and everyone they have bullied into accepting this madness.

I'm sitting here like a landed fish - mouth opening and closing. How in the world did we get here? What has happened to sense? How did we get to the point that these people (transactivists) have so much power over everyone? (These are rhetorical questions, of course.)

Madness. Insanity.