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Posted by GCDad - 17-Nov-2017, 12:18 AM
If members of the press, media or researchers wish to have access to the board to gather background understanding or contact members of the board, we ask you to contact the administrators of the board at

You should state who you are, why you want access to the board and a means of verifying who you are. You should state how members can contact you and if you are prepared for these details to be published on the board, where they are visible to all members. We reserve the right to refuse access without giving reason. 

If we decide to give you access we will set up an account under a name you can choose, but we will prefix it with [Press,] to let members be aware of your status. Any posts you make will be moderated. All private messages you send on the board will be monitored. You may include the contact details you have told us to members for them to contact you. You may not copy or reproduce any information or members identities from the board without the express permission of the members concerned. You will not try, in anyway, to extract  identifying information about members or their families or any people, places or organisations they are connected to. 

We may terminate your access without notice or explanation.