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Posted by Nervous Wreck - 07-Mar-2021, 02:10 AM
Hi Alix, thank you for what you're doing. I hope you find the volunteers you need to help you.
Posted by Marge Bouvier Simpson - 24-Jan-2021, 02:48 PM
Thanks so much for your site, Alix. These doctors need to be named online where parents and others can find information about them when they Google the doctors' names. I know there is more to your site than that, but just being able to find out about their abusive or questionable treatment practices is something most parents haven't been able to do very effectively. You're providing important information to the public.
Posted by alix - 24-Jan-2021, 06:47 AM
Hi All, 

I'm Alix and I'm the founder of and I am also the "gender mapper", creating a catalogue of gender clinics and collecting testimonials.

I'm in the middle of some BIG jobs and looking to hire a couple of volunteers to help with some sensitive research for some big actions. 

Gender Offenders: The Power of Naming the perpetrators of harm to women and children.

Criminals who hurt children will not be able to turn back because of the collaborative work of the public.
If you have been hurt by a gender doctor, write to me and I'll add him to my "name and shame" list.

Partners for Ethical Care