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Full Version: streamer Wilbur
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Hi - I found some  emails written by my 14 year old to a streamer named "wilbur".  I don't think the person has ever written back but I was curious - is this one of those people online glamorizing gender transition? They were written like they were bffs over months starting last September.  My kid came out as trans boy last November.  Is anyone aware of this Wilbur?  Thanks!
Is your kid into Minecraft? Wilbur Soot is a minecraft youtuber/twitch streamer that is a part of the Dream SMP. He's a young man from the UK, who also makes music. He is not trans, as far as I know. My daughter has a super big crush on him. I think of him and the people he plays with are a lot like a boyband. I see it as a good thing overall, in that she has a crush.